Strategic and effective resolution of your civil and commercial disputes to protect your interests.


Civil and commercial litigation is a key area of practice for our firm, and we are committed to representing and defending you with determination and expertise in the disputes you may face. Our team of civil and commercial litigation experts accompanies you at every step of the process, emphasizing a personalized approach tailored to your situation.

We advise and assist you in managing disputes related to contracts, civil liability, unfair competition, corporate law, and commercial law. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of procedures and regulations enable us to offer custom solutions to address your specific challenges.

In the event of a dispute, our firm defends and represents you before the competent authorities, with a proactive and strategic approach. We assess available options and potential risks to develop a solid defense strategy suited to your case. Our goal is to resolve disputes efficiently and favorably for our clients, prioritizing amicable solutions and negotiations whenever possible.

Our civil and commercial litigation expertise extends to a wide range of situations and areas, such as disputes involving commercial contracts, product liability, business law, corporate law, and competition law. We also support you in litigation related to restructuring, merger, or acquisition operations.

Choosing our firm for your civil and commercial litigation means selecting a trusted partner who will defend you with rigor, expertise, and a deep understanding of the legal issues that concern you.

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