Act as a primitive and anticipate as a strategist.
René Char (1907 - 1988)



We bring skills and expertise to our clients. Reactivity is essential to adapt ("Act as a primitive") but should not be achieved at the expense of strategy ("and anticipate as a strategist").

At Alphard Law, a dedicated attorney takes care of your cases and issues to enable such reactivity while ensuring a coherent overall vision.

We establish strategies with our specialized partners, both in France and abroad, to provide you with tailor-made solutions adapted to your problems and objectives.


Being an attorney is not just about being a legal technician. It is also, and above all, about listening to clients to support them in the best possible way in their cases.

Indeed, we firmly believe that it is necessary to take the time with each client to determine the issues at stake in their cases, as well as to understand their personality in order to support them properly.

Thus, although our main role is to defend your interests vis-à-vis third parties (including the tax authorities), we are nonetheless available to reassure, advise, and guide you.

This time spent listening to you, which is essential for the proper management of your cases, is never billed by Alphard Law. Only time spent on analysis, research, drafting, or technical discussions is counted.

Customer service

Each client is entitled to impeccable service: the legal profession leaves no room for approximation or error.

We ensure our clients an experience that follows the standards of the most prestigious luxury brands. Each client benefits from responsiveness, availability, and expertise.

We therefore make every effort to give our clients complete satisfaction, both in terms of the substance of their cases and the form.


We offer various fee methods to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Thus, it is possible to operate on a time-spent basis, with a predetermined hourly rate. Even with this fee structure, we do not bill for the time spent listening to you (see the section above titled "Listening").

Many clients appreciate working with a fixed fee because it allows them to know precisely, from the start of the case, the final amount of fees without fearing any overruns. Such overruns are mainly encountered on technical subjects, including international issues. This is clearly our clients' preferred billing method.

Finally, when cases and issues lend themselves to it, we offer a success fee, which is only due in the event of successful litigation or the achievement of objectives. However, to avoid a "quota litis" pact (an exclusively result-based fee, a common practice in the Anglo-Saxon world) prohibited by our ethical rules, we accompany this success fee with a fixed amount determined together beforehand.

In any event, an engagement letter is systematically proposed and signed by both parties. This letter details precisely the terms of our intervention. Everything is clear and transparent.


Alphard is the "Alpha" star of the Hydra constellation, which is the largest and longest of the 88 constellations.

The Hydra constellation was mentioned by Aratus and then by Ptolemy, catalogued in his Almagest.

Alphard is the only star as bright in this part of the sky, and it has guided many explorers and navigators.

Alphard Law takes its name from this star and serves in turn as a beacon in the legal and tax universe.

Seek advice.