Taxation is a matter of numbers, but behind every number, there is a story.

Income & wealth tax.

Income & wealth tax is one of our law firm's key areas of expertise, and we put our knowledge to work for you to help manage, protect, and optimize your assets. Our team of experts stands by your side to guide you through the various stages of structuring your estate, taking into account your personal and family objectives as well as legal and tax constraints.

Our personalized approach to donations and successions allows you to prepare for your loved ones' future with peace of mind. We advise you on the best strategies for optimally transferring your assets, considering the legal and tax specifics related to your situation.

Trusts and foundations are effective and flexible wealth management tools that offer numerous advantages for the protection and transfer of your assets. Our team is available to guide you in setting up these structures, ensuring compliance with current regulations and maximizing benefits for you and your heirs.

Finally, our expertise in wealth tax enables us to assist you in declaring and optimizing this tax, minimizing its impact on your assets while meeting legal obligations. We analyze your overall estate situation and propose tailored solutions to reduce your tax burden.

Choosing our firm for your estate tax matters means selecting a trusted partner who will support you with rigor, expertise, and a deep understanding of your estate challenges.

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