Tailored financing and securities for successful growth.


Our firm excels in the practice of financing and securities, supporting our clients in external growth operations (such as LBOs) and the restructuring of corporate groups, both in France and internationally. Our team of financing and securities experts is committed to providing you with personalized legal advice, developing innovative and effective solutions to meet your needs.

In the context of external growth operations, we accompany you throughout the acquisition process, helping you to structure and negotiate the necessary financing to support your growth strategy. Our expertise in LBOs allows us to advise you on complex legal aspects and specific issues related to this type of operation, while ensuring the protection of your interests and the security of your investment.

In the area of corporate group restructuring, our team is by your side to advise you on the reconfiguration of your organizational and financial structure, in order to strengthen your business's competitiveness and ensure its sustainability. We help you identify opportunities and potential risks, developing restructuring plans tailored to your specific situation.

Our expertise in financing and securities also extends internationally, where we collaborate closely with partner firms in various jurisdictions to offer you comprehensive and consistent solutions. We take into account regulatory specificities and local constraints to ensure a customized approach, meeting the requirements of each country involved in your operation.

By choosing our firm for your financing and securities operations, you benefit from the expertise and know-how of a dedicated team, striving to provide you with tailored legal advice and high-performing solutions to support your development and growth strategy.

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